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    Hiatus CZ, s.r.o. was established by Hiatus bv as a daughter company in 1999. The original and only focus of Hiatus CZ was moulds and mould spare parts production for molded fibre packaging. Later, we also entered other industry sectors. Our human and technological resources are tailored to fit single-piece production and small series production. Currently, we have 25 emplyees and we are equipped with vertical triaxial milling machines.

    The meaning of the latin word „HIATUS“ is translated as a ‘gap‘ or an ‚empty place‘. Hiatus CZ, s.r.o. desires to be a company that is able to fill empty places and meet needs of both potential customers who are looking for a high quality supplier and suppliers looking for loyal customers. We are keen on helping graduates from technical fields, and we are also happy to provide resources to students writing their seminar paper or thesis or to students looking for internship. After a thorough consideration, we are willing to financially support various non-profit organizations.

Our main qualities

Our main qualities

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