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The increasing demands of customers on the quality and appearance of products lead us to continuous improvement of CNC milling processes

CNC milling
Cnc Milling

Have you ever gotten the impression that nothing can surprise you in your profession and that you have everything under control? And suddenly a customer surprises you with a request for which you are absolutely not prepared?

In such a situation, all that remains is to keep a cool head and get down to work with good teamwork - with the belief that problems can be solved thanks to good communication with the client.

That is why we are now able to offer, in cooperation with our reliable supplier, the production of duralumin parts with a special surface treatment of chemical nickel plating. What's more, we are able to grind the visible surfaces to the required Ra value...yes, we are still talking about duralumin parts.

So, if you are facing a challenge that we have already met and successfully dealt with, we will be happy to provide you with our professional capabilities on CNC milling machines and ensure you the surface treatment in the required quality and on time.