Materials & What we mill

We are able to mill a wide range of materials except for cast iron, we can offer years of experience in stainless steel milling. We are also able to mill great variety of plastic materials: HDPE500; POM; PA; Polycarbonate; Styren. Milling of duralumin alloys and copper alloys is a matter of course.

Other Materials

Tool Steels

Our company specializes in precision machining of tool steels, which are high-quality materials designed for demanding applications where precision, hardness, and durability play a crucial role. These steels are often utilized in the production of tools, molds, and components that must withstand extreme conditions. We machine steels labeled as 1.2842, 1.1730, 1.2312, and more.


Duralumin, or simply Dural. Dural is a high-quality material designed for demanding applications where precision, strength, and durability are crucial. This alloy primarily consists of aluminum, with additions of copper, magnesium, and other elements that contribute to Dural's exceptional mechanical properties. We process materials labeled as: 3.1325, 3.1645, 3.2315, and others.


We specialize in the precise processing of a wide range of plastics. Our extensive experience encompasses various types of plastics with diverse shapes and complexities. We are experts in working with food-grade plastics such as HDPE 500, HMPE 500. Further we work with SikaBlock, Styrene, POM, PETP, Polyamide SLS, and other materials.

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