Glossary of Terms

How do CNC machines and centers work?

The machine shapes the final workpiece by subtracting material from the original base. Whether using the mechanisms of a milling machine, lathe, or drill, the machine follows precisely the given parameters, which combine accurate coordinates, the used tool, and the machining time. An advantage and acceleration of the entire process is the input of a complete program beforehand. There's no need to stop work and gradually input individual steps. The machine operates independently and with automatic systems, it also monitors the condition of the tools and possible deviations.

Machining by chip removal

It is one of the most important technologies used in engineering. Machining can be done manually as well as using machines. The fundamental methods of machining include turning, milling, grinding, and drilling. All cutting-based machining methods share the common principle that the cutting tool (lathe tool, mill, drill bit) penetrates the material and separates the chip by the edge.

Multi-axis machining

In the case of a milling machine, there are three linear axes involved, whereas in the case of a lathe, there are two axes.

Milling machine

It is a machining tool designed for chip removal processes called milling. Using milling cutters, flat, angled, contoured surfaces are machined, and with the use of special attachments, even rotational surfaces and threads can be produced. The primary rotating tool employed by a milling machine is called a milling cutter. This tool is typically rotationally symmetric with multiple cutting edges

Milling cutter

It is a multi-tooth machining tool used for milling, the chip removal process for metals and other materials. The machining machine that employs it is called a milling machine.


A machining machine that rotates the metal workpiece around the axis of the spindle rotation and brings the cutting tool towards it. This results in the removal of material from the workpiece and the creation of a final part or component with a symmetrical shape