For Suppliers

Because of the nature of our production, we only buy material required for a production order and our stock is therefore minimal. The most important parameter in cooperation with suppliers is meeting deadlines and quality standards. A great benefit for us is the ability of suppliers to put added value into the semi-finished product, which will allow us to accelerate and simplify production in the next steps.

We purchase in particular this product range:

  • Plastic plate cut sizes HDPE 500 of various thickness
  • Finely milled duralumin cut sizes, cast and rolled duralumin cut sizes
  • Grinded steel cut shapes
  • Grinded steel cut sizes
  • Stainless steel flame-cut shapes with non-standard thickness
  • Rolled or cut flat stainless steel bars
  • Drawn flat steel bars
  • Stainless steel woven wire 50 mesh, 60 mesh

A supplier rating and a ranking system for each order is a matter of course. Suppliers are guaranteed good payment reliability.

We are looking for business partners.

Become Our Supplier.

If you would like to become our supplier, please, do not hesitate to contact us with your offer. We will be happy to meet you personally and discuss the options of our possible cooperation.

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