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Digitization in small manufacturing companies

Digitization in a small manufacturing company - YES or NO?


Digitization has become a central topic in the industry. Recently, it has been presented as something fundamental. The pressure to fulfil the visions of "Industry 4.0" can cause nervousness or even panic among owners and directors that if a company does not digitize, it ceases to be competitive and is gradually heading towards its demise.

The main goal of this article is definitely not loudly boast about what we have already implemented in terms of digitization in HIATUS CZ. Of course, we also have our own system for collecting and managing all important data. The most important is that the system serves us and not the other way around. This is the worst thing that can happen to companies in the digitization process - the inability to respond quickly and flexibly (especially to customer requirements). Yes, we have encountered these cases with some suppliers: "We cannot deliver the material/parts earlier because our IT system does not allow us to do so."

Let us wish that common sense and natural judgment will always be above the process of digitization. Let's not give the upcoming generation the feeling that industrial production is only about digitization, robotization and automation. Our work must always be about quality, responsibility and honesty. Let's build a healthy core in companies, the fruit of which is the quality. Let's always create relationships in our field based on long-term mutual trust between the customer and the supplier. And digitization can partly help us in this.